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Zombies in the Shadow: The Saviour 2

During the Zombie apocalypse, Jim saved his daughter Alice, but his wife Claire is still trapped in the bank: go and save her!

Date Date: May 8, 2011 | Views Views: 5,191 | Rating Rating: 6.55 | Comments Comments: 18

Ratminator: The Mice Menace

Aren't elephants afraid of mice? Not this a fearless elephant!

Date Date: Jan 19, 2011 | Views Views: 4,470 | Rating Rating: 6.43 | Comments Comments: 9

Saunavihta Vortex

We are back in Finland and it's as cold as before and you still have to get to the sauna in this physics game, this time you have machinery and teleporting vortexes to your help!

Date Date: Sep 24, 2010 | Views Views: 5,612 | Rating Rating: 7.14 | Comments Comments: 8

Zombies in the Shadow

Zombies are coming from every dark corner, crawling toward you and looking for your flesh! Makeshift barricades and a lot of firearms are your only hope. Stay far from darkness. Aim, shoot, reload ... survive!

Date Date: Apr 13, 2010 | Views Views: 7,063 | Rating Rating: 7.14 | Comments Comments: 12

The Great Massacre

Greg is an immortal hero. He's a bit bored, because with his great skills there's nobody who can beat him. Suddenly, his boss came and took away Greg's powers. Help Greg to get his power back!

Date Date: Mar 17, 2010 | Views Views: 11,279 | Rating Rating: 8.79 | Comments Comments: 19

Hippie Phuzzle

Help our hippie to find her alien love in this physics puzzle game. Click objects with hippie symbols (flowers, rainbows, peace marks) to remove them and use bombs and rocket platforms to get our hippie to her goal, the alien landing zone or the bus stop.

Date Date: Dec 4, 2009 | Views Views: 6,341 | Rating Rating: 4.83 | Comments Comments: 12

Hey Wizard 2

The King of Mojo is missing, combine your spells and set out to rescue him!

Date Date: Oct 10, 2009 | Views Views: 12,531 | Rating Rating: 7.67 | Comments Comments: 18

Saunavihta Yetis

The temperature is falling and you need help from the Yetis to keep you warm. Your goal is to get to the sauna before you become cold and without being frozen by a snow canon or hit by a plow truck.

Date Date: Sep 12, 2009 | Views Views: 8,770 | Rating Rating: 8.39 | Comments Comments: 6

Fig 8

In Fig. 8 you control a bike, scoring points and navigating around drawings of technical diagrams on white space.

Date Date: Sep 10, 2009 | Views Views: 11,913 | Rating Rating: 6.19 | Comments Comments: 12


Remove white shapes to get to the smoke in this physics puzzler. Keep away from deadly snowplows and snowflakes.

Date Date: Aug 3, 2009 | Views Views: 7,504 | Rating Rating: 5.93 | Comments Comments: 11