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Third Kingdom

With the oncoming forces from General Cao Cao, build your city and raise your bows to lead your army to victory! Build towers to defend your land, plant crops to bring prosperity and strengthen your fortress to conquer your enemies!

Date Date: Jun 14, 2016 | Views Views: 4,403 | Rating Rating: 9.09 | Comments Comments: 6

Grid of Defense

The enemy tanks are coming straight to you. There is no time left to ask your allies for help so you need to figure out what you should do with the things you have in this moment. Spend money on building the defensive structures and stop the enemy!

Date Date: Apr 13, 2016 | Views Views: 3,980 | Rating Rating: 7.78 | Comments Comments: 7

Royal Heroes

Welcome, my Lord, to the Cursed Kingdom. This is a land plagued by black magic and overrun by creatures that crawl out of the darkness. This was once a great kingdom and it could be great again, but it is all up to you. Enter the world of Royal Heroes, a

Date Date: Mar 24, 2016 | Views Views: 3,636 | Rating Rating: 8.24 | Comments Comments: 6


Upgrade your demons to smash down all of the zombie houses. Collect skulls to purchase new upgrades in the latest idle style game from Berserk Studios!

Date Date: Mar 14, 2016 | Views Views: 40,829 | Rating Rating: 8.15 | Comments Comments: 10

Arc of Templar

Gather the templars! Evil forces have corrupted the castle and it is up to you to purify it from the main hall, through the courtyard and to the field outside the castle gates!

Date Date: Feb 11, 2016 | Views Views: 2,386 | Rating Rating: 8.00 | Comments Comments: 2

Cloud Wars Snowfall

Clouds are at war! Take over the snowy skies in this addictive strategy game!

Date Date: Dec 23, 2015 | Views Views: 3,931 | Rating Rating: 8.50 | Comments Comments: 10

Strike Force Kitty League

The kittens have returned in this new and amazing game! Featuring many new costumes and skills to unlock, train and outfit your team to win each division, make the playoffs and win the Champions League tournament!

Date Date: Dec 7, 2015 | Views Views: 3,188 | Rating Rating: 8.50 | Comments Comments: 3

Awesome Happy Heroes

Build and upgrade the Heroes' Headquarters, recruit new allies, equip and train them to fight the baddies that threaten the city!

Date Date: Nov 9, 2015 | Views Views: 2,650 | Rating Rating: 6.36 | Comments Comments: 2

Champions! The Last Defense

Help your Champions defeat the endless horde of enemies attacking the land!

Date Date: Nov 6, 2015 | Views Views: 2,311 | Rating Rating: 7.78 | Comments Comments: 2

Battle Sails

Battle Sails is a turn-based strategy game in which you lead one of the four largest European powers during the Golden Age of Piracy!

Date Date: Oct 8, 2015 | Views Views: 6,272 | Rating Rating: 8.70 | Comments Comments: 7