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Shatter Bot

Dr Arkadian can't wait to test his new Shatter Bot on the course! Shatter Bot has to destroy all the drones along the way and get to the exit door. But attention, his energy is not limitless!

Date Date: Feb 2, 2012 | Views Views: 14,683 | Rating Rating: 9.38 | Comments Comments: 21

Silly Bombs and Space Invaders

Fire up the silly bombs and save the friendly aliens!

Date Date: Apr 21, 2011 | Views Views: 6,640 | Rating Rating: 7.65 | Comments Comments: 16

Polygon Racer 3D

Polygon Racer 3D is a racing game in which the player must race against the clock in a rally across the USA. Upgrades can be bought, namely tires, engines and gearboxes to improve the performances of the player's vehicle!

Date Date: Jan 4, 2011 | Views Views: 8,137 | Rating Rating: 4.50 | Comments Comments: 26

Amuse Park

Start your own amusement park! Make your visitors happy and earn money!

Date Date: Jun 3, 2010 | Views Views: 19,531 | Rating Rating: 8.42 | Comments Comments: 42


A scientist was working on a new transportation vehicle in the stoneage. Help him to travel around the world by upgrading the vehicle after every try.

Date Date: Feb 24, 2010 | Views Views: 20,084 | Rating Rating: 8.17 | Comments Comments: 55

Top Basketball

Addictive basketball shootout game. My best was 15,780. Can you beat it?

Date Date: Feb 14, 2010 | Views Views: 46,238 | Rating Rating: 8.80 | Comments Comments: 112

Diner City

Start your own restaurant business. Choose your restaurant type and upgrade it with the new appliances to reach the money goal faster than your competitor.

Date Date: Oct 28, 2009 | Views Views: 22,874 | Rating Rating: 8.31 | Comments Comments: 38

Tsunami Wall

Tsunami Wall There is some problems with the dike and you have to make obstacle to save your house from water. Stack materials from queue to make good obstacle.

Date Date: Oct 8, 2009 | Views Views: 16,054 | Rating Rating: 6.58 | Comments Comments: 22

Bubble Quest

For an air baloon, which you are, controlling the amount of air inside is very important.

Date Date: Sep 26, 2009 | Views Views: 8,678 | Rating Rating: 6.56 | Comments Comments: 12

Shopping City

Build your own resort island... Earn money by building and operating the network of shops... You can upgrade or sell your buildings. Build fast serving shops at the intersections. You may construct different sizes of buildings at the same route. The shops

Date Date: Jul 31, 2009 | Views Views: 65,179 | Rating Rating: 8.49 | Comments Comments: 67