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Earn to Die 2: Exodus

The city has been overrun! Unlock and upgrade vehicles and drive your way through zombie hordes in order to escape!

Date Date: May 25, 2015 | Views Views: 185 | Rating Rating: 7.14 | Comments Comments: 2


Drillionaire is a solid mining game inspired by MegaMiner. Drill through different minerals to collect cash for upgrades. Watch out for lava monsters! Do you have what it takes to be a Drillionaire?

Date Date: May 22, 2015 | Views Views: 1,211 | Rating Rating: 8.57 | Comments Comments: 1

Ruthless Pandas

Upgrade your ship, crush all bosses in 4 different locations and meet your destiny!

Date Date: May 21, 2015 | Views Views: 960 | Rating Rating: 8.67 | Comments Comments: 0

Sushi Catapult

Sushi Cat has a new sushi catapult! The return of our bouncy blue friend sees him on a brand new adventure, featuring all new CATapult based gameplay. Collect sushi, buy upgrades and bounce your way through a whole new Sushi Cat story!

Date Date: May 4, 2015 | Views Views: 1,504 | Rating Rating: 9.17 | Comments Comments: 4

Stunt Dive

Pull off some daring stunt diving jumps!

Date Date: Apr 8, 2015 | Views Views: 3,904 | Rating Rating: 6.92 | Comments Comments: 5

Road of Fury 2: Nuclear Blizzard

The road is even more dangerous this time around. After splitting ways with his running team Cole had found himself back on the road of fury running from the nuclear blizzard. This time he cannot enlist help on his own, he has to earn it. As he breaks thr

Date Date: Jan 1, 2015 | Views Views: 5,478 | Rating Rating: 9.00 | Comments Comments: 4

King's Rush

The King is here to escape. Travel through the dangerous land on your kart of death. Smash enemies, destroy villages and castles on your way to paradise. From the Frostlands through the Grass lands into the Wastelands is where you will travel to get to yo

Date Date: Nov 3, 2014 | Views Views: 8,726 | Rating Rating: 8.71 | Comments Comments: 10

Wonder Rocket 2: Halloween

Wonder rocket is back with an awesome sequel for the coming Halloween. Launch the wonder rocket as high as possible, be careful from different monsters and upgrade the rocket after each launch to fly higher!

Date Date: Oct 30, 2014 | Views Views: 4,123 | Rating Rating: 6.09 | Comments Comments: 4

Kick the Critter

Once upon a time, Noah is a huge jerk and won't let you and other critters on his boat, so what's a critter supposed to do? Chase him down that's what! Build yourself some rad machines and show that old man that you don't mess with Mr. Critter!

Date Date: Jul 18, 2014 | Views Views: 6,167 | Rating Rating: 9.06 | Comments Comments: 8

Retro Unicorn Attack

Our favorite running unicorn is back in an all-new all-old web game! Turn back the clock to a time where graphics were horrible, buttons had lag time and almost everything looked like a phallic symbol!

Date Date: Jun 10, 2014 | Views Views: 7,826 | Rating Rating: 8.57 | Comments Comments: 17