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Tower Droids 2

Protect your resource harvester from hordes of attackers and robotic bosses by constructing and upgrading a defensive tower around it. Take control of a flying drone as you blast baddies to collect money to upgrade your drone's power and abilities across

Date Date: Jun 21, 2016 | Views Views: 3,273 | Rating Rating: 8.46 | Comments Comments: 3

Third Kingdom

With the oncoming forces from General Cao Cao, build your city and raise your bows to lead your army to victory! Build towers to defend your land, plant crops to bring prosperity and strengthen your fortress to conquer your enemies!

Date Date: Jun 14, 2016 | Views Views: 4,338 | Rating Rating: 9.09 | Comments Comments: 6

Grid of Defense

The enemy tanks are coming straight to you. There is no time left to ask your allies for help so you need to figure out what you should do with the things you have in this moment. Spend money on building the defensive structures and stop the enemy!

Date Date: Apr 13, 2016 | Views Views: 3,940 | Rating Rating: 7.78 | Comments Comments: 7

Wasteland Siege

Gear up, upgrade your tower and defend it like you've never done before and prepare for a serious beatdown!

Date Date: Mar 21, 2016 | Views Views: 3,228 | Rating Rating: 8.00 | Comments Comments: 3


Upgrade your demons to smash down all of the zombie houses. Collect skulls to purchase new upgrades in the latest idle style game from Berserk Studios!

Date Date: Mar 14, 2016 | Views Views: 40,738 | Rating Rating: 8.15 | Comments Comments: 10

Super Squad

You need to hold the line! Hold your ground and defend your base. Kill all the enemies don't leave anyone alive!

Date Date: Feb 19, 2016 | Views Views: 3,554 | Rating Rating: 8.33 | Comments Comments: 3

Arc of Templar

Gather the templars! Evil forces have corrupted the castle and it is up to you to purify it from the main hall, through the courtyard and to the field outside the castle gates!

Date Date: Feb 11, 2016 | Views Views: 2,357 | Rating Rating: 8.00 | Comments Comments: 2

A Gun in Time

A Gun, in Time! puts a gun in the hands of a viking and lets him wreak havoc on his enemies. Shoot your way through endless waves of enemies, earn and use perks to level up and pick up power-ups to destroy your foes!

Date Date: Jan 19, 2016 | Views Views: 3,110 | Rating Rating: 8.75 | Comments Comments: 3

The Royal Archers

Defend your castle from incoming waves of enemies!

Date Date: Jan 6, 2016 | Views Views: 2,383 | Rating Rating: 5.00 | Comments Comments: 3

Wild Wastelands

Could you believe that? Just imagine that you are totally alone here. And you have a cool weapon to kill all the enemies. So, just be really careful to stay alive and kill all the enemies here. If you are ready, then just do it!

Date Date: Jan 5, 2016 | Views Views: 2,485 | Rating Rating: 7.50 | Comments Comments: 5