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Dillo Hills

This tiny armadillo's biggest dream is to fly through the air like a bird!

Date Date: Jun 15, 2011 | Views Views: 9,178 | Rating Rating: 6.75 | Comments Comments: 29

Goin Up

Goin up! Climb as high as you can, unlocking everything possible! Explore the wonderful worlds, and KILL EVERYTHIGN YOU SEE!!

Date Date: Jun 9, 2011 | Views Views: 8,062 | Rating Rating: 9.05 | Comments Comments: 25

Pogo Rampage

Unleash maximum carnage with your trusty pogo stick!

Date Date: May 31, 2011 | Views Views: 10,905 | Rating Rating: 8.57 | Comments Comments: 20

Soviet Rocket Giraffe Go Go Go!

Okay, so this time you are a giraffe in a Soviet military base getting shot sideways by rockets attached to your neck jumping from platform to platform at a high rate of speed!

Date Date: May 14, 2011 | Views Views: 18,122 | Rating Rating: 8.11 | Comments Comments: 55

Cripple Cannon

It's the latest breakthrough in modern medical transportation!

Date Date: Apr 19, 2011 | Views Views: 23,985 | Rating Rating: 7.50 | Comments Comments: 40

Burrito Bison

Launch yourself as far as you can. Smash gummies, collect coins and purchase upgrades in your quest to escape an evil candy land!

Date Date: Feb 18, 2011 | Views Views: 28,976 | Rating Rating: 9.24 | Comments Comments: 92

Pogo Swing

Jumping from the swingset is one of the best things about being a kid. Bringing a Pogo Stick along only adds to it! How far can you leap to earn money for the ultimate Swing Upgrade?

Date Date: Feb 16, 2011 | Views Views: 51,698 | Rating Rating: 9.17 | Comments Comments: 145

Over the Border

Over The Border is a wild and innovative new launcher game. Bounce FURTHER to reach America and race for your dreams!

Date Date: Jan 15, 2011 | Views Views: 28,257 | Rating Rating: 8.36 | Comments Comments: 118


Throw a paper plane as far as you can. Collect points and upgrade your plane so you can throw it even further!

Date Date: Dec 30, 2010 | Views Views: 119,363 | Rating Rating: 9.41 | Comments Comments: 253

Rocket Toilet

Launch this idiot to pimp up his toilet. Keep adding extra engine power, accelerators and other irresponsible modifications to reach outerspace. Buy a ridiculous hat for $40,000 or maybe save for a massive $1,000,000 to unlock the final secret upgrade!

Date Date: Dec 28, 2010 | Views Views: 24,752 | Rating Rating: 8.66 | Comments Comments: 107