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Slice the Box: Remaster

Slice the Box is a unique puzzle game involving cutting cardboard into amazing shapes!

Date Date: Sep 3, 2013 | Views Views: 5,357 | Rating Rating: 8.08 | Comments Comments: 11

Plumber Pickle

Just when you thought that life of a plumber can't get any weirder - this happens!

Date Date: Aug 6, 2013 | Views Views: 4,141 | Rating Rating: 8.24 | Comments Comments: 9

Killer Escape 2: The Surgery

You escaped from 'The Burner' in episode 1 and climbed up a ladder to the level above. Greeted by a blood soaked floor and some doors with 'The surgery' written on them you have no choice but to go through them. There is no way back, only onwards and upwa

Date Date: Aug 5, 2013 | Views Views: 8,477 | Rating Rating: 8.70 | Comments Comments: 24

Dead Convoy

The enemy troops are fast approaching. Quick! Set up a trap on the bridges they have to cross!

Date Date: Jul 31, 2013 | Views Views: 7,421 | Rating Rating: 7.24 | Comments Comments: 13

Disappearing Path

Guide the ball to the flag in each level by creating a path with your mouse. Be smart though, the path won't stick around for long!

Date Date: Jul 12, 2013 | Views Views: 4,396 | Rating Rating: 7.37 | Comments Comments: 7


Look for clues, solve puzzles and find 33 Ninjas, playing hide ní seek with you!

Date Date: Jun 20, 2013 | Views Views: 6,666 | Rating Rating: 7.62 | Comments Comments: 19

Don't Escape

I woke up in a room... It is not locked and I remember everything. I'm a werewolf. Tonight I will turn and people will die... unless I find a way to prevent myself from escaping this place.

Date Date: Jun 17, 2013 | Views Views: 7,733 | Rating Rating: 8.26 | Comments Comments: 41

Collapse It 2

Detonate explosives on each medieval structure with the goal of eliminating all the humans whilst not harming any zombies!

Date Date: Jun 3, 2013 | Views Views: 9,992 | Rating Rating: 8.48 | Comments Comments: 13


Will you and your dog reach the plane in time?

Date Date: May 30, 2013 | Views Views: 7,239 | Rating Rating: 7.78 | Comments Comments: 27

Infiltrating the Airship

Henry's been captured by the government and can wipe away his debt by doing them a favor. The Toppat Clan, a group of international thieves, has been a thorn in their side for sometime. They're sending you in to bring them down.

Date Date: May 29, 2013 | Views Views: 16,660 | Rating Rating: 9.49 | Comments Comments: 61