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Anaksha: Female Assassin

Anaksha Female Assassin is a cinematic, flash-based, shooter set within the rainswept world of crime noir. Follow the story of this beautiful but deadly femme-fatale who embarks on a brutal, bloody-thirsty rampage through the city of Santa Lina, deliverin

Date Date: Nov 21, 2008 | Views Views: 21,691 | Rating Rating: 8.14 | Comments Comments: 60

Ultra Killz

Ultrakillz is a real-time multiplayer first person shooting game. If you enjoy playing these games on your console or home PC but don't have it at work or school, then you're in the right place.

Date Date: Nov 19, 2008 | Views Views: 27,470 | Rating Rating: 6.88 | Comments Comments: 22

Vinnie's Shooting Yard 4

Vinnie's back and he's ready to sift some more heads in Vinnie's Shooting Yard 4. Practice your shooting skills with the choice of a Desert Eagle, a Dragunov or Shuriken stars. This new game offers incredible graphics, more heads to sift and 3D weapons...

Date Date: Nov 1, 2008 | Views Views: 19,572 | Rating Rating: 8.30 | Comments Comments: 18

Tactical Assassin Substratum

Shoot and slash your way through 9 missions in the 3rd Tactical Assassin game. Instructions are posted during the mission briefing. Go for the highest score by collection all the easter eggs and completing every mission as fast as possible with no mistake

Date Date: Oct 23, 2008 | Views Views: 86,680 | Rating Rating: 9.02 | Comments Comments: 146

Zayo 3

Will Zayo destroy the source of all zombies? Or will he slowly become a zombie himself? Play the final chapter of this shooter game to find out.

Date Date: Oct 18, 2008 | Views Views: 12,631 | Rating Rating: 7.52 | Comments Comments: 21

Panda Tactical Sniper

Panda may look cute and cuddly but he's really a ruthless gangster capable of ripping a man's head off with one swipe of hiw paw. Or so he likes to think..

Date Date: Oct 17, 2008 | Views Views: 22,666 | Rating Rating: 7.98 | Comments Comments: 46

Executive Shootout '08

This is a point and click FPS which allows you to use the W, A and D keys to walk around in the directions indicated by the flashing arrows on the sides and top of the screen. If an arrow is solid black it means you have to clear out the enemies on the sc

Date Date: Oct 15, 2008 | Views Views: 10,964 | Rating Rating: 5.96 | Comments Comments: 26

SWAT (Stickmen, Weapons, And Tactics)

Enlist in the S.W.A.T. faction and enter the role of squad member "Jack". Use cover for a tactical advantage, fight your way through waves of terrorists, and earn uber-sick weaponry as you progress through the levels.

Date Date: Oct 13, 2008 | Views Views: 61,971 | Rating Rating: 8.61 | Comments Comments: 96

Sift Heads 4: Vinnie's Paradise

Prepare for an international hunt! Sift some heads all around the world.

Date Date: Oct 10, 2008 | Views Views: 44,103 | Rating Rating: 9.25 | Comments Comments: 103

Madness Regent

Side scrolling platform action shooter with great graphics. Blast through enemies and destroy the evil clown in this deliciously violent action platformer.

Date Date: Sep 26, 2008 | Views Views: 25,406 | Rating Rating: 8.56 | Comments Comments: 40