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Dream Racer 2

It gets fast! Can you take the speed? Get past as many other racers as you can, and avoiding strange obstacles. Collect pickups for score multipliers, and for flight time. You can only jump at the beginning. Crash in to other racers for double points.

Date Date: Nov 21, 2009 | Views Views: 8,229 | Rating Rating: 6.15 | Comments Comments: 24

I Hate Traffic

Challenge yourself on 20 unique levels then take on some of the user levels, or design your own on-the-fly. Each level features different goals and objectives to reach, such as reaching a target area or hurting so many cars.

Date Date: Nov 20, 2009 | Views Views: 30,735 | Rating Rating: 8.18 | Comments Comments: 47

The Forest Temple

Help FireBoy and WaterGirl in their adventure! Control both characters at the same time to solve platformer puzzles! Activate buttons and levers to move platforms, push boxes and roll balls, collect all the diamonds and get each character to his door!

Date Date: Nov 20, 2009 | Views Views: 47,123 | Rating Rating: 8.87 | Comments Comments: 92

Rave Rider

Rave Rider is a fun and engaging car game with coin collecting, alternative paths and vehicle upgrades. Start with your stock rave rider and collect coins in each level to upgrade your machine. Upgrades include Turbos, Wheels, Shocks, Armor and Vehicle co

Date Date: Nov 20, 2009 | Views Views: 17,464 | Rating Rating: 5.28 | Comments Comments: 31


HiRoads is an addictive 3D platform game starring a jumping ball. You have to run as fast as you can through 27 unique levels set up in breath taking landscapes. This game is inspired by SkyRoads.

Date Date: Nov 19, 2009 | Views Views: 83,639 | Rating Rating: 8.67 | Comments Comments: 125


Race against your opponents and win the race. Each track has 5 checkpoints. Time is added to clock as you pass each checkpoint. The race is over if you run out of time early. To go to next track you have to reach all checkpoints in time.

Date Date: Nov 19, 2009 | Views Views: 21,574 | Rating Rating: 7.96 | Comments Comments: 34

Fly Squirrel Fly

Launch the squirrel as far as possible. Collect cash to upgrade your equipment in the shop.

Date Date: Nov 18, 2009 | Views Views: 45,197 | Rating Rating: 8.64 | Comments Comments: 126

Copy Cat

Copy the given image for each level onto a canvas. Drag stencils from the right panel to the left canvas, then click a glob of paint. Paint will go everywhere on the canvas except where you've placed stencils.

Date Date: Nov 18, 2009 | Views Views: 22,862 | Rating Rating: 8.38 | Comments Comments: 37

B.C. Bow Contest

Fire arrows at the targets and try to score the most points!

Date Date: Nov 17, 2009 | Views Views: 22,594 | Rating Rating: 8.09 | Comments Comments: 31

Small Worlds

A short atmospheric game about exploring.

Date Date: Nov 17, 2009 | Views Views: 5,724 | Rating Rating: 7.37 | Comments Comments: 26