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War Machine

US Army needs you! Drive your Hummer through the enemy lines and reach your base as fast as possible.

Date Date: Oct 23, 2009 | Views Views: 22,656 | Rating Rating: 8.10 | Comments Comments: 33

Cover Orange

Save the orange smileys by covering them from the deadly raindrops. Try to complete all twenty levels and set a top score!

Date Date: Oct 22, 2009 | Views Views: 79,848 | Rating Rating: 9.23 | Comments Comments: 141

Gretel and Hansel

Help Gretel and her brother make it to the woods alive!

Date Date: Oct 22, 2009 | Views Views: 11,334 | Rating Rating: 6.53 | Comments Comments: 72

Shadez 2: Battle for Earth

The follow up to Shadez: The Black Operations. More control, more explosions, more fun... take on this unknown force of killing machines with Helicopters, Troops, Tanks and Airstrikes. Construct a base to keep reinforcements coming.

Date Date: Oct 22, 2009 | Views Views: 44,983 | Rating Rating: 9.33 | Comments Comments: 42

Seabed Cleaner

There's easy, clear aim in this game - to remove all the things from seabed. There's easy mouse control. But there 10 interesting, amazing levels with many detail things. Every level requires new unusual solutions!

Date Date: Oct 21, 2009 | Views Views: 7,490 | Rating Rating: 5.48 | Comments Comments: 39

Trap Master

They're coming to invade...They're coming to lay their hands on a treasure that is not their own...

Date Date: Oct 21, 2009 | Views Views: 5,345 | Rating Rating: 8.33 | Comments Comments: 5


Bloodfield: The Meat City is a very aggressive shoot em up players dream with 50 levels in 5 general scenes. Choose your character wisely from the 6 available paying close attention to the attributes for each character. These will come in handy during the

Date Date: Oct 21, 2009 | Views Views: 6,018 | Rating Rating: 7.04 | Comments Comments: 15

Vector Conflict: The Siege

Vector Conflict is an intense 3D shooter set in a bleak, post-apocalyptic retro world.

Date Date: Oct 20, 2009 | Views Views: 15,033 | Rating Rating: 9.05 | Comments Comments: 15


Your goal is to lead blue or red particles from Spawn Boxes to Receive Boxes. Place magnets to direct the particles, and then hit "start" to see what happens!

Date Date: Oct 20, 2009 | Views Views: 13,500 | Rating Rating: 6.67 | Comments Comments: 11

Sim Taxi 2

Another day in the big city from a taxi driver's point of view. Look out for passengers and deliver them to their destinations as fast as you can, and without damaging your taxicab too much.

Date Date: Oct 20, 2009 | Views Views: 25,093 | Rating Rating: 7.27 | Comments Comments: 38