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Castle Wars 2

Awesome turn based strategic card game with unlockable cards and multi-player mode. Castle Wars 2 is the sequel to Castle wars, and is a very addictive card game where your goal is to crush your enemy's castle or be the first to build a 100 storey castle.

Date Date: Jun 17, 2010 | Views Views: 18,378 | Rating Rating: 8.51 | Comments Comments: 11

Rotate and Roll

Rotate your way through 40 challenging levels. Roll the balls to the bubble to progress!

Date Date: Jun 17, 2010 | Views Views: 29,989 | Rating Rating: 8.28 | Comments Comments: 65

Tower of Doom

It is time to be evil and destroy the human world. Use your underground fortress to build a tower and emerge from the ground to cast the ultimate destruction spell. Be careful though! These puny little humans will try to stop you.

Date Date: Jun 16, 2010 | Views Views: 20,390 | Rating Rating: 9.17 | Comments Comments: 81

Catnarok - Longcat Rampage

Use your eyebeams to destroy the incoming units! Survive as long as you can!

Date Date: Jun 16, 2010 | Views Views: 6,113 | Rating Rating: 8.33 | Comments Comments: 33

Quick Sand

Manuevre your way out of 30 booby-trapped underground caves!

Date Date: Jun 15, 2010 | Views Views: 9,369 | Rating Rating: 5.10 | Comments Comments: 14

Days of the Dead

A survival of the living dead curse for 13 days againts armored zombies, skeleton and undead beast invasion! Use your bow skill, spells, items and barricade to defend your village!

Date Date: Jun 15, 2010 | Views Views: 10,437 | Rating Rating: 8.04 | Comments Comments: 20

Construction Fall

Demolish constructions by shooting different types of balls and making use of various grounds properties. Drop all elements below the green line. The lower they fall and the quicker you finish levels, the more points you get!

Date Date: Jun 14, 2010 | Views Views: 28,638 | Rating Rating: 7.30 | Comments Comments: 36

Robin Hood

Follow Robin Hood & the gang through this twisted version of the classic story. Can you discover all 4 possible endings?

Date Date: Jun 14, 2010 | Views Views: 14,519 | Rating Rating: 6.96 | Comments Comments: 12


A blind man finds himself in a dark and treacherous place, he follows the mysterious cries for help, oblivious to what lies beyond.

Date Date: Jun 13, 2010 | Views Views: 7,008 | Rating Rating: 4.77 | Comments Comments: 28

Light-Bot 2

Light-bot is back, more puzzling than ever! Use programmer-style logic to tell the bot how to light up all the blue tiles! Functions, conditionals, recursion, expert levels- many different features for new and old players!

Date Date: Jun 12, 2010 | Views Views: 9,493 | Rating Rating: 8.05 | Comments Comments: 12