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Huje Adventure

Having used their special building abilities the Hujos have now climbed all the way up onto an asteroid. It's your job to explore the unknown asteroid. Make use of the Huje creatures' special abilities to complete all 25 levels.

Date Date: Jan 19, 2010 | Views Views: 10,963 | Rating Rating: 7.17 | Comments Comments: 10


Compete with your friends or play alone in this super fun running game with cute clouds and yetis that hold limbo sticks???

Date Date: Jan 19, 2010 | Views Views: 55,109 | Rating Rating: 9.12 | Comments Comments: 84

Blast Master

Clear all the bombs from screen to proceed. Some special type of the bombs in further levels.

Date Date: Jan 18, 2010 | Views Views: 10,440 | Rating Rating: 8.33 | Comments Comments: 26

Creeper World Training Simulator

Many worlds have fallen to the Creeper and now the final stronghold is under attack. Defend Odin city from the approaching mass and fight your way towards the transportation portals!

Date Date: Jan 18, 2010 | Views Views: 11,063 | Rating Rating: 9.23 | Comments Comments: 22

The Bunker

Another battle of humanity and machines goes to the end. Bunker is the last and only outpost that's not controlled by the machines. Once again you are the last hope for mankind.

Date Date: Jan 17, 2010 | Views Views: 12,971 | Rating Rating: 4.00 | Comments Comments: 13


It's a unique Physics based puzzle game and it's black and white.

Date Date: Jan 16, 2010 | Views Views: 9,463 | Rating Rating: 7.43 | Comments Comments: 10

Military Rescue

Bash and crash through this captive-strewn battlefield like you're Rambo reborn.

Date Date: Jan 16, 2010 | Views Views: 6,264 | Rating Rating: 4.41 | Comments Comments: 12

Cargo Bridge: Armor Edition

Build a bridge and test your construction skills. Help your workers to collect items located on the other side of valley. Become a number one of the leader board!

Date Date: Jan 15, 2010 | Views Views: 19,766 | Rating Rating: 8.95 | Comments Comments: 38

Packet Rush

The busy milkman always need to rush to deliver his packages on time. That's why it's important to have the best delivery car available! But ofcourse you have to earn the upgrade money first ...

Date Date: Jan 15, 2010 | Views Views: 21,480 | Rating Rating: 6.30 | Comments Comments: 38


Pictogrid is a challenging slide puzzle game where you must shift pegs on a grid to match the solution image!

Date Date: Jan 14, 2010 | Views Views: 8,056 | Rating Rating: 7.42 | Comments Comments: 7