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El Papel

A bizzare mexican puzzle game. Stretch Juan “El Macho” Hernandez neck to solve 40+ puzzles and help him get the precious toilet paper that his arch enemy stole!

Date Date: Oct 24, 2014 | Views Views: 792 | Rating Rating: 4.29 | Comments Comments: 3

Demons Down Under

I hope you ate all your carrots this morning. Play as a bunny and slay demons deeper and deeper into the depths of hell. Collect loot, upgrade weapons, slay demons, and rescue all the sisters in this action RPG shooter.

Date Date: Oct 23, 2014 | Views Views: 690 | Rating Rating: 7.50 | Comments Comments: 0


Discover the magic of color in this relaxing but addictive puzzle game!

Date Date: Oct 23, 2014 | Views Views: 1,168 | Rating Rating: 7.14 | Comments Comments: 4

The Awakening

You awake in a forest with no memory, carrying only a sword. Hint - it was not caused by severe drinking the day before.

Date Date: Oct 20, 2014 | Views Views: 1,551 | Rating Rating: 6.25 | Comments Comments: 8

Intruder Combat Training 2x

Become the ultimate special forces operative in this fast-paced 2D shooter. Brutal firefights and ragdoll physics await!

Date Date: Oct 17, 2014 | Views Views: 2,178 | Rating Rating: 7.27 | Comments Comments: 5

Undead Run

Run, shoot and slice enemies in a city crawling with zombies. Fight against the king of the living dead and destroy everything on your path!

Date Date: Oct 15, 2014 | Views Views: 1,615 | Rating Rating: 6.67 | Comments Comments: 4

Still Alive

Still Alive is an bloody awesome zombie shooter. Your mission is to survive in the dark forest full of zombies. Protect your house, use the lull to upgrade your weapons and fix your car to leave this evil place. Are you still alive?

Date Date: Oct 15, 2014 | Views Views: 2,081 | Rating Rating: 5.71 | Comments Comments: 10

Dynamite Blast 3

The third part of popular game Dynamite Blast. New levels, more fun. Blast towers and vehicles with dynamite. Load your TNT on the beams of buildings or bridges and try to take them out so the rubble falls below the yellow line!

Date Date: Oct 2, 2014 | Views Views: 3,723 | Rating Rating: 6.25 | Comments Comments: 4

Red Remover Blast

Red Remover BLAST is the explosive spin-off of the hit puzzle game Red Remover. The gameplay is different this time around. Instead of clicking red shapes to remove them you must use explosions to knock them off the screen!

Date Date: Sep 25, 2014 | Views Views: 4,654 | Rating Rating: 8.24 | Comments Comments: 10

Freeway Fury 3

Jump from vehicle to vehicle and let out some fury as you race through each highway strip before time runs out!

Date Date: Sep 24, 2014 | Views Views: 6,751 | Rating Rating: 8.42 | Comments Comments: 16