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Stick Squad 3

Ron and Damien are back for some more killing action. In the previous Stick Squad they had succeeded in capturing Foster, an Australian missile hijacker. This time our two assassins are on a lead to track down The Voice, head of a huge criminal organisati

Date Date: Apr 17, 2015 | Views Views: 358 | Rating Rating: 6.00 | Comments Comments: 0

Kill the Plumber

Kill the Plumber is unique platformer game where you play as the enemies instead of the hero. There are puzzles, timed survivals, and boss fights where you play as the boss. Thatís right! Play as flying Big Ghost and King Bowler who unleash devastating fi

Date Date: Apr 16, 2015 | Views Views: 661 | Rating Rating: 5.00 | Comments Comments: 3

Motor Beast

Put the pedal to the metal and drive this monster truck to the ultimate destination... Destruction!

Date Date: Apr 15, 2015 | Views Views: 1,018 | Rating Rating: 8.57 | Comments Comments: 2

Golf is Hard

Golf was invented by the Scottish in 1419 as a way of transporting radishes directly into the mouths of distant sheep. Play 18 holes of golf on a lovely summers day in the never ending search for the perfect score, which is 18. Golf is known to be quite h

Date Date: Apr 14, 2015 | Views Views: 1,169 | Rating Rating: 8.00 | Comments Comments: 1

Royal Squad

Strategically choose and position your squad members. Utilize each of their unique skills and face armies of undead soldiers. Upgrade arrows, traps, swords, spells and more to achieve victory!

Date Date: Apr 13, 2015 | Views Views: 1,389 | Rating Rating: 8.00 | Comments Comments: 2


After years of bitter struggle against the neighboring peoples, Rome has become the absolute master of Italy. However, having ascended to the throne, your goals are now much more ambitious - to conquer all the regions surrounding the Mediterranean Sea!

Date Date: Apr 10, 2015 | Views Views: 1,737 | Rating Rating: 4.17 | Comments Comments: 8

Catastrophe Escape

There's a huge tornado coming this way. To make matters worse, my car is broken too. There's not much time. I have to fix it and leave this place!

Date Date: Apr 9, 2015 | Views Views: 1,843 | Rating Rating: 5.71 | Comments Comments: 7

Stunt Dive

Pull off some daring stunt diving jumps!

Date Date: Apr 8, 2015 | Views Views: 2,722 | Rating Rating: 6.36 | Comments Comments: 4

Smash Car Clicker

Get the real fun with Smash Car Clicker! Your goal in this cool idle game is to jump up and down on the car roof to destroy it. Smash pixels and gain money to upgrade your jumping power and get the help of your friends. Much fun!

Date Date: Apr 7, 2015 | Views Views: 2,174 | Rating Rating: 6.43 | Comments Comments: 4

Mine Blocks 2

Mine Blocks 2 is a free 2D Minecraft Flash game where you can do practically anything you can think of!

Date Date: Apr 6, 2015 | Views Views: 2,414 | Rating Rating: 5.56 | Comments Comments: 9